Ross Cameron, now a successful day trader and financial mentor, first grew interested in the stock market as a child, when he learned of his great-great uncle’s success in trading stocks. Later, when the future trading gurú school took him to New York City as part of a stock market project, this further fed his interest.

He started his first trading account with $1,000 in high school but saw very little change to the account over several months, causing Ross Cameron to grow discouraged. In adulthood, the financial mentor invested the $100,000 he had inherited after his father’s death, starting with penny stocks and eventually branching out to other types of stocks.

His initial attempts cost him a lot of money, his worst trade losing over $15,000. When he took a break to study his previous trades, he found a strategy that involved focusing on small-cap stocks and trading them up 20% or more in one day. This strategy, once implemented, led to steady improvement for successful trader Ross Cameron.

Since then, financial mentor and trading gurú Ross Cameron has taught others how to replicate his success. From his 2015 book How to Day Trade, to his YouTube channel and online course, Cameron has worked hard showing people how to make money on the stock market.
His course, which began as a WordPress blog in 2012, now covers more types of stock market trading as well as more strategies, in order to suit a wider variety of learners. Through the course, Ross Cameron has helped thousands develop their trading skills.